The Story of The “B.D.B.”

So, who is Ben Davenport anyway?

Well that’s a story that should be told over a good drink. As for Jim Yoss, he’s a man that after 20 plus years of being a working man decided to put down his spike maul & pick up a guitar. He’s put that same relentless attitude & hard working ethics into his craft of becoming a songwriter. Honesty, grit, sacrifices, and a little bit of hell-raising can be seen in his live shows and heard in his passionate words.

Originally from Harrison County, Ohio, Jim understood that he had to go to a place where other artist were writing their own songs with originality and meaning not just covering everybody else’s. That place was not Nashville or Austin or even Fort Worth. It was a town called Stephenville, Texas.

Moving to Stephenville in September of 2011 proved to be a blessing. Living in a place filled with so many talented singer-songwriters and musicians, Jim quickly learned that his style of honest songwriting, his originality, and the attitude to make Country Music that working men and women could relate to was attracting the interest of other artist who believed in the same cause. The debut album from The Ben Davenport Band features the talents of several artists making their own dent in the Texas Music world. These thirteen tracks will take the listener on a wild ride. With influences ranging from country to southern rock to bluegrass, it’s simply the sound of an Ohio Valley band that has made Texas their home.